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GITJ was established in 2001 by 5 different companies, each with a long family history in the used vehicle & vehicle parts industry. Since then it has been our goal to establish a comprehensive network of domestic suppliers to meet the large volume demand and diversity in vehicles, engines & parts of our overseas customers.

With our supplier network, when we say we can get it - we really mean it. If we cannot get it, then no one else in Japan can!

We are located in Hamamatsu (Shizuoka), between Nagoya & Tokyo with all our suppliers located in major areas within quick access to Japan's major seaports.

GITJ has a firm sense of commitment to both the automotive industry and the society to which it serves and impacts upon. Recycling at the dismantling phase is our priority, not only to provide an extensive range of parts but also to minimize waste and negative impact on the environment.

GITJ has a long history of working in the used vehicle & vehicle parts industry, but we are a young company with lots of fresh energy. We are constantly open to new ideas and innovative ways of approaching our business with you and to contributing to the development of the used vehicle industry.

We invite you to contact us for all your used vehicle, engine, parts & material requirements.

G International Ltd., 20-16 Nishiiba-cho, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka 432-8038, Japan