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The companies that formed GITJ all have a long history working in the used vehicle & parts industry.
Since the inception of GITJ, we have steadily increased our supplier network to secure a supplier in every prefecture of Japan. This means that our supply base is extensive and we are highly competitive.

With our supplier network, when we say we can get it - we really mean it.

If we cannot get your part, then noone else in Japan can!

Each year in Japan more than 4 million vehicles are discarded either due to irreparable accident damage or their owners decide to forgo the costs involved in the mandatory vehicle inspection and upgrade to a newer model.
Yet these vehicles are still very valuable in terms of useful parts.

At GITJ we dismantle each vehicle entirely of its useable parts from the suspensions to the stereos, thereby providing you with a complete range of high-quality parts.

You won't find containers packed with this much volume and care anywhere!

Contact us immediately for your used vehicle parts requirements.

G International Ltd., 20-16 Nishiiba-cho, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka 432-8038, Japan